Our Philosophy

Philosophy of Possibilities GiftsAt Possibilities we firmly believe in the idea that to live local is to shop local. This includes our commitment to the 3/50 Project – an initiative that aims to save and protect locally owned stores throughout the nation.

To learn more about the 3/50 Project, please visit www.the350project.net.

Saving Main Street

Possibilities is an independently owned small business, housed in a restored building, centrally located on Main Street in Lincoln, Maine. We believe that small, independent businesses, like Possibilities, in historic downtown locations are the fabric of the American dream and lend character and individuality to small towns.

Main Street America was once the community’s primary commercial hub. The presence of the post office, library, banks and local government offices added to the steady flow of people downtown. Not only was Main Street the center of the community’s commercial life, it was also an important part of its social life; people filled the streets on Saturday nights to meet friends, dine out, see a movie and window-shop.

As large, national and international corporations build cookie cutter empires in the outlying regions of town, shopping and social engagement is drawn away from its roots. Main Street America becomes lost to a homogenized conglomerate, indistinguishable from town to town.

Main streets are worth saving because of the healthy quality of life they support. Main streets are full of unique local stores that serve the needs of the local community. Local, family-owned businesses hire local people, pay local taxes, and contribute to the local economy. Customers walk to main street businesses and places (or park on or near the main street), and build, over time, a neighborly rapport with the owners. People are drawn to main streets because of the distinctive personality of the place that comes from its history and architecture—and, they like to be seen on main street, whether they are simply out for a walk or evening of entertainment, or shopping, dining, or working. Main streets are the place to be.